Beachbody Coach Ranks/Earnings

There are nineteen official ranks of Beachbody Coaches. Ranks, as well as commissions and bonuses are calculated every 7 days because weekly “active” status and rank qualifications determine the eligibility for different bonuses. The system updates every Wednesday night at 12AM midnight EST. At any rank level you can be either ACTIVE or INACTIVE. Active status means you are maintaining at least 50 Personal Volume (PV) points within a bonus period (every 35 days).  Each coach has a two “legs”: a left leg and a right leg. Your status and bonuses are determined by what’s going on in each different leg. You want to remain ACTIVE at all times.  Falling INACTIVE will cause you to lose out on bonuses, cycle volume points, promotions and other future profit-growing opportunities.

Here are the Ranking Levels/Earning Opporunites/Yearly Earnings:

As soon as you join the program you officially become a COACH. As a COACH you earn a 25% commission on Customer Orders, a 15% commission on Club Member Orders (members get 10% off products so that’s where the discount comes from), and a 50% commission on Team Beachbody Club Dues.  Not too many opportunities to earn profit, which is why it’s so important to advance in coach ranks as fast as possible.

EMERALD COACH: You become Emerald once you have two personally sponsored (PS) active coaches. (Personally sponsored coaches are different than the coaches your upline coach adds under you.) At this point you are eligible for the customer lead program and can earn team cycle bonuses ($15-19) up to 40 times daily.  Becoming an Emerald Coach is not difficult and must be the first goal you set.  I stress the fact that everyone should be an Emerald Coach within their first 2-weeks as it qualifies you for bonuses and free customer leads!
Income of all Emerald coaches in 2009: (Low $15 – Average $2,751 – High $63,499)

RUBY COACH: You become Ruby once two of your personally sponsored coaches reach Emerald status. In addition to a bigger cycle bonus ($19-22) and more frequent cycles (75 times daily), you can earn 5% of the weekly team cycle bonus check amounts earned by your personally sponsored active coaches.
Income of all Ruby coaches in 2009: (Low $139 – Average $9,094 – High $107,130)

DIAMOND COACH: In addition to the Ruby requirements, you become Diamond when you have six additional personally sponsored active coaches. Diamond Coaches earn between $22 and $25 for every team cycle bonus which can occur up to 150 times daily. As a Diamond Coach you also earn a 10% matching check bonus. Diamond coaches range from One-Star, Two-Star, etc. all the way up to 15-Star Diamond and beyond.
Income of all Diamond coaches in 2009: (Low $485 – Average $21,966 – High $296,130)

2-STAR DIAMOND: A Double Star Diamond Coach must have two personally sponsored coaches reach Diamond status and are eligible to participate in the 1/2% quaterly Diamond Bonus pool.

5-STAR DIAMOND: A Five Star Diamond Coach must have five personally sponsored coaches reach Diamond status. An additional 1/2% is added to your quaterly Diamond Bonus Pool.

10-STAR DIAMOND: A Ten Star Diamond Coach must have ten personally sponsored coaches reach Diamond status. An additional 1/2% is added to your quaterly Diamond Bonus Pool.

15-STAR DIAMOND: To become a Fifteen Star Diamond Coach you must have fifteen personally sponsored coaches reach Diamond status. An additional 1/2% is added to your quarterly Diamond Bonus Pool.
Income of ALL Star Diamond coaches in 2009: (Low $5,594 – Average $164,166 – High $932,118)

Are you interested in learning more about becoming a Beachbody coach?  I know all this stuff about ranks, downlines, bonuses, cycles, etc. can sound like a foreign language. I know I didn’t understand a bit of it when I first got started! If you have a question please contact me for details; My team is growing by leaps and bounds so if you’re thinking about becoming a coach the sooner you join the better but I want you to feel confident about your decision!  Click here for more information about becoming a coach on our successful team!

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