Body Beast 60 Day Progress Photos

Day 60 Body Beast Progress Pics

Beachbody launched a new workout program called BODY BEAST that focuses on gaining mass and building muscle!  The workout is lead by two-time Mr. Israel and fitness expert Sagi Kalev.  Sagi is a professional body builder and definitely knows what it takes to build a BEAST body.  If you are looking to add some serious mass, then BODY BEAST is the right workout for you!  

Play this Body Beast 60-day progress video:

If you’re ready to commit to BODY BEAST with me and join my exclusive BODY BEAST Challenge Group, then be sure to message me as soon as possible, either email ( or on Facebook (  Lets BEAST UP together!

By the way, if you want additional coaching and support with Body Beast, you can make me your FREE coach by clicking on the link below.  This will always grant you access to our exclusive fitness Facebook group for even more support and personal support from myself and others on the team! 

Are you ready to BEAST UP?

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