Can I Buy P90X in Stores?

Can I buy P90X in stores?  Well the bad news is that P90X or any of the other Beachbody workouts are not sold in stores.  The good news is you can buy P90X right here right now and in about five days, will arrive on your doorstep.  The reason you can not purchase P90X or any of the Beachbody workouts in stores is simple,  customer service.  When you buy any of the Beachbody workouts from this site you can always come back and ask questions, get tips, advice or even make a new friend. When you purchase, you will automatically have me as your FREE Beachbody Coach to support and motivate you to achieve the best results!  If you already have a coach, click here to read how you can switch coaches.

Plus, when you buy P90X from this site you are getting an official copy of P90X with the workout guide and the nutrition plan and a money back guarantee.  If for some reason you are not happy just send it back for a refund, no questions asked.  Does it get any better than that?  No risks!

You also have to be very careful when buying P90X so you do not get a pirated or bootlegged copy.  I’m sure you have seen the “BUY P90X CHEAP” ads on the internet.  Chances are these are illegally pirated copies.  If you knowingly purchase stolen products, you are just as guilty as the seller.  Also, these types might be a little cheaper but you have no idea what you are getting, you will probably get none of the guides and you are definitely not going to get a warranty or a money back guarantee.  I have heard of a experience where someone bought a bootleg copy and when they received them, all 12-DVD’s were the P90X Chest and Back workout.  So stay away from those pirated copies because chances are it’ll turn into a headache for you.

Also stay away from those download sites.  First off, its ILLEGAL to download the workouts, resulting in a $250,000 fine and jail time.  If you think they can’t track you down, you’re wrong.  They will track your IP Address, which will link back to you.  I don’t know about you, but I would rather not have a guy in a suit bang on my door with a note that I’m due in court.  Plus when it comes to downloading, you have no idea what you are getting and your computer might be attacked or harmed in the process.  I have heard of an experience where someone downloaded the Insanity workouts, however, then also downloaded several viruses, including a key tracking virus that recorded every key stroke they did.  This allowed the person who shared these viruses to hack into their personal accounts – including their bank account!  It’s simply not worth it.

So can you buy P90X in stores?  Nope!  But, now you know you can buy P90X right here.  The next question is, are you ready to make the commitment? YES!

When you purchase P90X from, you will also get 2 FREE P90X One on One workout series!

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