How Many Calories are in One Pound of Fat?

I receive this question a lot from my clients, so I decided to throw it up on the website to explain it the best I can.  “How many calories are in one pound (1LB) of fat?”  When calculating how many calories you should both eat and burn per day and per week, you first need to understand how many calories there are in a pound of fat.

Drumroll please – Here is the answer to the Million Dollar Question, “How many calories are in one pound (1LB) of fat?” …  There are 3500 calories in a pound of fat.

After doing my research, I found, however, that it’s often easier for people to think about how many calories a day will add weight rather than how many calories a day will reduce weight in order to really understand that number. If a pound of fat is 3500 calories, then, if you ate an extra 350 calories a day for ten days without increasing your activity level, you would gain a pound every ten days. What are some things that are about 350 calories? A large piece of cake, a medium milkshake, an average size piece of cheese quiche or a sausage roll all come in around the 350 calorie marker. Think about how easy it can be to eat an extra serving of each of those a day without even thinking about it! 

Remember, your results are based on 75% of what you are putting in your body!  Thats crazy! Without a healthy and strict diet plan, seeing results is an uproad battle that most of us unfortunetly lose.  Stay on the nutritional plan based on the workout you decide to do!

Think about it the other way, though. If you could reduce 350 calories a day, you could lose a pound about every ten days. Most nutritionists say that losing a pound a week is a safe way to go, so losing a pound every ten days is just about right. The good news is that you don’t have to do all of that by eating less. That’s not to say that changing your eating habits isn’t important. To truly get healthy, you will need to both be more careful about how many calories you eat and also about the quality of the food that you’re getting those calories from. However, instead of reducing how many calories you take in each day, you can also reduce calories by burning more calories through exercising.

Even a “fun” and “less intense” workout can burn well more than 350 calories in an hour. P90X burns almost 600 calories per hour. The Insanity Workout can burn up to a whopping 1100 calories per hour, easily the best cardio workout you will EVER do! But even more “fun-based” workouts can burn serious calories. Rockin Body can have you burning 1000 calories in one of the two longer workout formats, and that workout is based on having fun with dance music!

The magic number is 3500! Through a combination of diet and exercise, you need to pare off 3500 calories for every pound of fat that you want to lose. As you can see, however, with the right exercise regimen, that shouldn’t be too hard!  Keep the intensity high and like Tony Horton says, “BRING IT!”

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