INSANITY Nutritional Tips for Best Results

What many people don’t realize when starting a workout as intense as Shaun T.’s Insanity Workout is that you may find yourself eating more instead of eating less as you progress with the workout. For most people, the idea of getting in shape and losing weight are synonymous with eating less. However, in order to accomplish the challenging six days on/one day off workout schedule of the Insanity Workout, your body will need fuel. Here are some keys to keep in mind about staying food-fueled for the Insanity Workout.

Don’t Waste Your Calories! Every time that you eat wasted calories, you miss an opportunity to give your body the fuel that it needs in order to maximize the Insanity Workout. What’s a wasted calorie? Well, essentially, if you already know that it’s bad for you to eat, that’s probably a wasted calorie. Junk food, foods made with refined flour, candy, soda, sweets. Don’t eat junk food!

Eat LOTS of Good Calories: The average person needs to eat between 2000 and 2500 calories a day. However, you’ll burn up to 1100 calories an hour doing the Insanity Workout, and your metabolism will stay elevated after the workout as well. You need to provide your body with a lot of calories to accommodate that level of calorie burning and still feel energized. Make sure you keep those calories healthy! Leafy greens, whole wheat items, good fats and proteins and natural produce are what you need to eat. Don’t be worried if you find yourself eating more than normal to give yourself the calories that you need though!

Supplement Your Food Diet: As with most challenging workouts, you’ll feel best and perform best if you’re supplementing some of the vitamins, minerals and proteins that you may have trouble accommodating through your normal diets. Insanity Nutrition Products offer you a full range of supplements that will ensure that you’re getting the fuel that you need to be in peak Insanity condition. Similarly, P90X Protein Bars are a great way to supplement for either the Insanity Workout or the P90X workout.

For instant diet tips, make sure you make me your FREE Beachbody Coach so I can work with you personally to develop a diet plan to help you see the BEST results!

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