P90X for Women – Tips for a Slim and Sexy NEW Look!

I receive daily emails from women asking about P90X and if its possible to do the P90X program and not “bulk” up.  A lot of ladies consider P90X when preparing for an upcoming wedding, graduation, anniversary or a vacation.  Who doesn’t want to look their best during these celebrations?  We all do!  Now as far as women taking on the P90X challenge, its normal for them to worry about looking like a linebacker after the 90 days.  So is P90X for women?

First of all, P90X is just as good for women as it is for men.  Although most of the people I coach are men, I do have women clients.  The women I am coaching vary from all types of fitness levels; from ex-cheerleaders, to single moms, to even grandparents!  Here are the before and after pictures from one of my clients, Rachel.  As you can tell, Rachel saw amazing results but looks nothing like a linebacker.  She toned up and added muscle definition instead of bulked up.

What version of P90X should women follow? As you all know, there are 3 versions of P90X: Classic, Lean, and Doubles. You will notice that most guys will do the Classic Version (see Classic Schedule) and ladies feel they have to do the Lean Version – which I dont think is the best way to go!  The Lean version is mainly cardio workouts and meant for extreme fat loss for those who are training for an upcoming marathon. So what do I recommend for women? I recommend the Classic Schedule.

Why Classic?  Resistance workouts speed up your metabolism for 48 hours after you work out,  helping you burn more calories throughout the day, therefore leading to weight and fat loss. Is there proof that P90X Classic works for women? Of course! Just look at the photos above!  Stick the the 50% cardio and 50% resistance schedule and you’re going to see your body lose the fat while it tones up, not bulk!  Celebrities like Sheryl Crow, PINK, and Erin Andrews (ESPN Reporter) all follow the P90X Classic Version.

What are some key tips for women going through P90X as a lady?  The first tip is to focus on higher reps (12-15-18) with lower weights during the resistance workouts. Higher reps are more for toning, while lower reps are more for bulking. Again, most men use higher weights and do lower reps to add on some mass.  If you don’t have access to small weights (my fiance Lindsay uses 3 lbs to 15 lbs), then I highly recommend the resistance bands. You don’t need the complete set, just the P90X Bands for Women. Feel the burn!

Another tip for women to see better results is to not be a hero.  What I mean by this is to still push yourself to the limit and max out every single set, but at the same time, if you have to modify to make the moves easier in order to complete a set, then do so!  If you can only do 1-3 pushups normal, then modify the pushups on your knees and do 12-15.  You will receive a more sufficient workout rather than only doing 1 or 2.  When Lindsay started P90X, she modified all the moves enough to allow her to do 10-12 reps of everything.  Then over time, she was able to decrease the modifications.  Make sure you check out Lindsay’s full P90X Review!

Last tip is to follow the diet.  Focus on a healthy diet! As I tell all the people that I coach, if you want the best results you have to follow a healthy diet plan, and the Nutrition Guide is a good place to look. The first phase in the Nutrition Guide focuses on fat loss by lowering the carbs. I suggest following this!  My fiance actually followed the Fat Shredder Phase during the majority of her 90 days. She felt comfortable with the amount of carbs that she was taking in, so I advised her to stay on it until she felt she was getting low on energy, which didn’t happen until the last few weeks.

So is P90X for women? Yes! If you stay committed to the diet and focus on the other tips that I gave above, you will see results!  Interested in trying P90X Risk Free for 30 Days?  Why not!?  Click here to Purchase P90X!

Once wedding time comes, or graduation approaches, or its time to pack for vacation – you want to be able to show off that new figure, not worry about hiding your body!

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