P90X2 Workout Schedule

P90X2 is the sequel to P90X and is back better than ever before!  All new workouts, all new routines, all new philosophies, all new cast members and of course, all new goofy Tony Horton one liners!  If you haven’t picked up your P90X2 workout, then what are you waiting for?  Be a part of this fitness revolution!  Here are the P90X2 packages:


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>>>  P90X2 Ultimate Package
>>>  P90X2 Bonus Workouts

Click on the packages to learn more about them and what’s included in each P90X2 package!  Personally, I went with the P90X2 Ultimate Package!  Go big or go home, right?  Its amazing!  Click here to see my “UNBOXING OF P90X2 ULTIMATE PACKAGE” video!


P90X2 Phases:

Phase 1 – Foundation, 3-6 weeks
Phase 2 – Strength, 3-6 weeks
Phase 3 – Performance, 3-4 weeks
Recovery Week – to be done when needed

Phase 1 is basically core and balance to build a solid foundation. You’ll be building on this for the next two phases. I know X2 Core and X2 Balance & Power is included in phase 1. You’ll be helping your balance for that feared 4 ball pushup later.

Phase 2 will focus on strength and will incorporate the Plyocide and Chest, Back, & Balance workouts.

Phase 3 will focus on increasing your performance. This is when P.A.P. (Post Activation Potentiation) comes into play – PAP Upper, and PAP Lower. It basically consists of doing a weighted exercise immediately followed by an explosive exercise


P90X2 Daily Schedule:


Phase 1: FOUNDATION (3-6 weeks)
Day 1:  X2 Core
Day 2:  Plyocide
Day 3:  Rest of X2 Recovery + Mobility
Day 4:  X2 Total Body & X2 Ab Ripper
Day 5:  X2 Yoga
Day 6:  X2 Balance + Power
Day 7:  Rest of X2 Recovery + Mobility

Phase 2: STRENGTH (3-6 weeks)
Day 1:  Chest + Back + Balance & X2 Ab Ripper
Day 2:  Plyocide
Day 3:  Rest of X2 Recovery + Mobility
Day 4:  X2 Shoulders + Arms & X2 Ab Ripper
Day 5:  X2 Yoga
Day 6:  X2 Base + Back & X2 Ab Ripper
Day 7:  Rest of X2 Recovery + Mobility
V Sculpt & X2 Ab Ripper switch in Day 1
X2 Chest + Shoulder + Tris & X2 Ab Ripper switch in Day 4

Phase 3: PERFORMANCE (3-4 weeks)
Day 1:  P.A.P. Lower
Day 2:  P.A.P. Upper
Day 3:  X2 Yoga
Day 4:  Rest of X2 Recovery + Mobility
Day 5:  P.A.P. Lower
Day 6:  P.A.P. Upper
Day 7:  Rest of X2 Recovery + Mobility

Recovery Week (to be done when needed)
Day 1:  Rest of X2 Recovery + Mobility
Day 2:  X2 Yoga
Day 3:  Rest of X2 Recovery + Mobility
Day 4:  X2 Yoga
Day 5:  Rest of X2 Recovery + Mobility
Day 6:  X2 Yoga
Day 7:  Rest of X2 Recovery + Mobility


Lengths of the DVDs:

X2 CORE 56:54
X2 YOGA 68:07
BASE + BACK 56:26
P.A.P. LOWER 62:56
P.A.P. UPPER 53:06
V SCULPT 54:18
X2 AB RIPPER 17:27


P90X2 FAQ:

Is P90X2 better than P90X?How can you beat the most popular workout program in the country? You can’t. P90X2 is an extension of P90X. It’s not necessarily better, but it’s definitely evolved. For a more in-depth look at its development, read the first article in this series (see “The Next X: What’s New About P90X2?” in the Related Articles section below).

Is it more Muscle Confusion? You betcha! If you thought your muscles were confused last time around, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

Is it harder? Remember the first time you did P90X? Could anything feel harder than that? Probably not. So while P90X2 isn’t technically harder, it’s probably going to feel harder until you get used to it. And since it’s Muscle Confusion, it’s going to take you some time to adapt. During this adaptation period, it’s going to feel very difficult, but you’re used to that, right? And when you take your X2 body back to another round of P90X, that program’s going to feel harder too, because you’ll be prepared to push yourself farther than ever before.

Is it still 6 days per week? No, it’s only 5, though we suggest active recovery on your rest days. The more intensely you work out, the less time you need to spend doing it. With more breakdown, you also need more rest. P90X2 has evolved to the point where less is more.

Will there be options like Lean and Doubles? Instead of giving you different program options, P90X2 gives you the option of increasing each phase long enough to get the most out of it. If you’re having trouble with your balance, you may decide to spend more time in Phase One. For bigger muscles, spend more time in Phase Two. Want to get faster, jump higher, or become more agile? Spend more time mastering Phase Three. You’ll definitely want to read the guidebook, because it provides ideas for how to tailor your training personally for you (and much more). In P90X, we made the most versatile home fitness program ever created. P90X2 will open up even more options.

Is it true that there’s no cardio? Here’s a little secret: There was no true cardio in P90X, either. At least not in the kind of training generally associated with that word. P90X used anaerobic interval training to improve your cardiovascular system; although it’s technically cardio, it isn’t the public perception of cardio. “Cardio” is a training colloquialism for training your heart. So while you won’t see any cardio in the title names, doing Plyocide or P.A.P. Lower will train your cardiovascular system as well as any cardio routine you’ve ever done.

Will I need any new equipment? There’s a lot of new equipment for P90X2, and you’ll eventually want to own all of it. But the cool thing is that we’ve created an option that can be done with nothing but a few exercise bands and furniture found in any hotel room. This “hotel room” option virtually eliminates excuses for not working out.

So what is this equipment? Here’s a list of the equipment needed, which we’ll go into in detail in a later article. Did I say “needed”? It’s not, really. Besides the hotel room option, we also do most movements in a variety of ways to make it easy to add equipment as you can afford it. Here’s a prioritized list:

  • Bands and/or weights: You need some form of resistance.
  • Pull-up bar: Just like P90X.
  • Yoga mat: You must have one of these by now, right?
  • Stability ball: We highly recommend this, because the benefits outweigh the cost many times over . . . and over.
  • Foam roller: You may not have heard of this before, but don’t be surprised if it
    changes your life.
  • Push-up stands: You know ‘em. You love ‘em. How come you don’t already have them?
  • Medicine balls: Mainly used for balance, so easily replaced with substitutes (basketballs, etc.) if need be, though once you’ve used the real thing you’ll wonder why you ever waited to buy them.
  • Pull-up assist: While highly optional (we got away with chairs all these years), the pull-up assist will not only improve your ability to finish all your reps, it’ll greatly improve both your form and exercise efficiency.
  • Yoga blocks: If you need these, you probably have them already.

Foam rolling? What the?! Foam rolling is a myofascial release technique. Hmm . . . not much help? Okay, how about this? It’s a form of self-massage that forces your muscles to lengthen and align properly. Used regularly, it’ll increase your mobility and range of motion and actually help you get stronger, because it frees your muscles to work the way they’re supposed to. This one simple practice is often enough to change your alignment and allow you to move freer and easier.

How has the diet plan changed? For P90X2, the diet has evolved along with the exercise plan. Not that there was anything wrong with the old one, but we’ve been listening to your suggestions, and we’ve revamped the diet guide to give you more options on what to eat, how to increase effectiveness, and how to simplify the entire eating process. This subject is more than we can cover here, so the X2 nutrition plan is the topic of next week’s P90X2 article.



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