The Must Have List

chrisbalmert11Well, I have been doing Beachbody workouts for quite sometime now.  Here is the thing, I look back and can only wish I knew what I know now when I first started off!   I have compiled a list of MUST HAVE items that I have collected over time to help me see the results I am seeing now.  Use this MUST HAVE list to get the most out of every single workout – giving you better results, faster!

Pullup Bar with multiple hand positions = The workouts involve a variety of pullups, and having a good, seven position pullup bar will help you maximize this portion of your workout.  Plus, you’ll be using it a lot so you’ll want a sturdy one that will last.  I bought mine from Beachbody due to its stronger materials and durability, although it was a little more expensive than the knockoff brands.  See the Pullup Bar Here.

Adjustable Dumbbells = I know the exercises can be done with bands, but free weights will definitely maximize your results.  I personally use the BowFlex SelectTech 1090’s dumbbell system.  It was a pretty hefty investment, but well worth it since both dumbbells range from 10lbs to 90lbs!

PowerStands = These are more expensive than the cheap plastic pushup bars you get at the store, but they are solid steel, very stable, and very durable.  They won’t tip over shake when you are pushing hard for those last reps.  They also put your wrists in the correct position to prevent joint problems.  I love my PowerStands.  They take my pushups to the next level, and they will last forever! See the PowerStand I Use Here.

Shakeology = This is by far my favorite Beachbody supplement (in fact, it’s the only one on my “Must Have” list).  I gave it a trial run just to see what the hype was about (they offer a 30 day guarantee so you have nothing to lose).  Well, after the first month on Shakeology, I signed up for home direct and have been using it EVERY day since.  There seem to be 2 types of people when it comes to Shakeology – those who haven’t tried it and are skeptical about the price, and those who have tried it and now rave about it.  It does cost twice the amount of regular whey protein, but it’s got hundreds of nutrients and supplements in it, so comparing it to plain protein powder isn’t a fair comparison.  To be honest, if Shakeology was the only supplement you wanted to take, then you would be JUST fine!  To learn more about Shakeology, Click Here!

Whey Protein Powder = You will need to consume a lot of protein to fuel your muscles.  A good quality protein powder is critical to giving you what your body needs, unless you like eating 20 cans of tuna per day!  Beachbody sells Whey protein powder, but I primarily use Dymatize Elite Whey Protein because it is a little more affordable and I have been using it even before I started doing P90X.  I am pleased with that product.

Workout Sheets = These are easy and free, but you’ve got to keep track of your weight and reps on everything.  How else will you monitor your progress and know how to push yourself to the max?  You can either make these yourself on the computer or find them premade on Google.  Either or, you’ll need them! Record your progress, everyday! Like Tony says, “How do you know what you do if you didn;t know what you did?!”

Creatine = This supplement helps volumize the muscles with water so that they can draw more nutrients in to aid with recovery and muscle building.   It is important to cycle creatine, 2 months on and 1 month off.  Also, DRINK PLENTY OF WATER!  I personally use Beachbody’s Max Creatine.

Glutamine = This supplement is also naturally occurring in our bodies, and during intense exercise our glutamine stores are depleted, so replacing glutamine is important to giving our muscles what they need to repair themselves.  I use a brand called Muscle TECH and its been doing me wonders!  One tub of it wasl ike $25 and it lasts about 2 months!  I just add a scoop with my Shakeology (its flavorless).

Energy and Endurance Formula  = I like the intensity and energy of a pre-workout supplement.  If you want more energy during your workouts, this is a must have.  Check our the E&E Formula!

A Beachbody Coach = Whether its myself or another experienced coach.  The benefit of having a coach is that they already have the experience and have the knowledge to help you get the BEST results!  If you’re interested in having me as your coach, CLICK HERE! If you already have a coach, but think you would like to switch coaches to me, CLICK HERE!

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