Will P90X Work Even If I’m Already Skinny?

Will P90X work for skinny people?  YES!

This is a question often asked from people who have a crazy fast metabolism and can eat what ever they want and not gain a pound. They are skinny, they stay skinny and people say, “You are so lucky, you can eat what ever you want and not gain a pound”.  Little do those people know that Mr. and Mrs. Skinny want to gain a few pounds and some muscle so they look better and maybe fill out those clothes better.

Will P90X help those skinny people?  Here’s the truth:

 The P90x Program comes with 12 muscle pounding work outs that will work muscles that you are probably not used to working. Have you ever done Yoga?  Kenpo?  No? Good, me either until I tried P90X.  In addition to the cardio and flexibility exercises, you will also work your chest, back, biceps, triceps and legs. As you can tell, P90X is the TOTAL body workout – reason why it guarantees a TOTAL body transformation in such a short period of time – no matter what your body type may be!

The P90X nutrition plan is another great feature of P90X and is another reason P90X will work for skinny people.  The nutrition plan will teach you how to stay consistant with a successful diet and it can be modified to help you reach your goals. If you are looking to put on a couple pounds you could even skip the first phase of the P90X nutrition plan and start with phase 2 and go from there.  If you are not familiar with the P90X nutrition plan then you have no idea what I am talking about. P90X is broken down into 3 phases.  In each phase you add a little more food.  You will find the phase that fits your and your desired goals and the P90X Nutrition Plan will lay out everything you need to consume to see the exact transformation you want!  It simply can’t be any easier!

P90X is so flexible that trainer Tony Horton will show you how to modify the moves to promote the exact results you desire.  If the results you want are to add size, Tony will explain how every move can be modified to make it harder!  That how I gained all my size!  I altered my resistance workouts by adding a weighted vest, heavier dumbbells and ankle/wrist weights.  Adding more resistance and lowering the number of reps you do per set will add size to your muscles.  I would recommend adding enough weight that you struggle doing 8-10reps.  Its important that you don’t increase the weight too much.  Adding too much weight will risk injury as it will cause your cause your form to lag.  Remember, enough weight to do 8-10 reps, however, keeping good form and controlled moments!  See my workout tutorial videos on my YouTube Channel – be sure to subscribe as I plan to post more very soon!

 Another great thing about P90X is if for any reason you are not happy you can send the whole thing back for a refund.  Yes, a FULL refund, no questions asked.  Beachbody stands strong that you will love every Program and Product provided!

So what are you waiting for? If you are skinny and want to change the way you look then P90X is for you.  Need proof?  Check out my success story to see the size P90X added to me!

Also, don’t forget that you get (2) FREE BONUS workout DVDs when you purchase P90X from this site!!!

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